HDR Journal Entry 1

Thanks to Matt P (SANE Customer Delight/Smoothie Chef Training Coordinator) I'm up-and-running (toddling) in my new journey toward SANEity by starting my Journal. Here on vacation in Hawaii, I've had my first call from Lori Certified SANE Coach, while at the Ala Moana, and now (after 1 great day at Royal Hawaiian, where I got to "attend" the small group live coaching call with Jonathan) I'm at Moana Surfrider and able to start the journal. I connected immediately with "Progress not Perfection" back in Texas, where I logged into the Master Class Webinar and committed to do the Premium thing. Knowing I'd be on vacation right away, I printed out 2 copies of the daily checklist for nutrition and took notes on what appears in which category. Being adept at the old diabetic exchange list I'm comfortable with categories and servings, but needed to catch up on NDP (Nutrient Dense Proteins) and WFF (Whole Food Fats).

NDP: New way to think includes 2 eggs = 1 WF Fat AND/OR 1 egg + 4 egg whites=1 NDP
WFF: not olive oil but olives, go for avocado, bought some raw macadamia nuts at the "Down to Earth= organic and natural store" that scored me a 45-minute walk to get there. uphill. Ha!

As Lori said- enjoy vacation. And I am. She knew the pineapple would be great. It is. But it's fun to maneuver to get more Non-Starchy Veggies in, where possible, and choose to avoid some starches that come with meals and request asparagus or dry leafy greens instead. It's easy to switch to a splash of almond milk in my americano, instead of half-n-half, just for the "progress" of learning. I've chosen green tea, a time or two. I'm going to enjoy a sunset dinner with Roger tonight, and probably split a dessert.

Great tech support. Great coaching.
Thankful for the start on this journal-journey.  HDR


  • It sounds like you're off to a great start! Welcome!
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski
    Welcome Aboard!  Wow, You are doing fantastic.  And such bravery, to start while on vaca.   Small steps while on vacation = a huge win.  I look forward to getting to know you better over time.  Jealous of your time there in paradise.  Not sure where in Hawaii you are, but we have a sweet, fabulous member there,  @LeinaniSpringer.  Maybe you and Leinani could get in touch while you are there.  She is wonderful. 
  • Welcome @Helen DeweyReikofski and congrats on rocking your jump into SANE while on vacation!  My husband and I love to get to Hawaii whenever we get a chance to vacation.  Once you get a feel for things, it can be easier than expected to stay SANE and still treat yourself while on vacation.  Some of our favorite things in Hawaii are: fresh coconuts, he prefers the water and i prefer the meat ;) win win; dragon fruit and papayas (SANEer than pineapple, plus I am not a pineapple fan lol); macadamia nuts (we have to limit ourselves on this one! ;) ); kahlua pork at a luau (sp?); my favorite poke; really fresh fish.

    @LeinaniSpringer do you have more SANE tips for Hawaii?
  • HDR Journal Entry 2- THX for replies and encouragements! We are loving the fish and seafood here. Have had opaka, salmon, crab, ahi (seared, poke, ceviche, etc!), opa, scallops and shrimp, so far. Mango, papaya, pineapple, but in small doses. I'm usually drinking the water or a club soda, but the other day did have a sparkling water with Acai puree as a special treat while spending a quality 30 minutes with Roger awaiting our dinner seating. Today, we walked back from Kawaiaha'o church (2.6 miles) so I'm hoping that help a bit with the balance. I'm working thru the Orientation Course Lessons this week. 7 is next. Tonight is our sunset cruise. We return to Texas on Wednesday. THX!
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski Aloha Helen! Welcome back to the islands. Your enthusiastic  jump into being SANE on your vacation is awesome! The beauty of a SANE lifestyle is its simplicity and the recognition that it is going to take time for every individual to discover and personalize their unique SANE lifestyle. So take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax into the program. ;)B)   

    What is most important is that you allow yourself to enjoy your vacation with your husband!

    With that in mind I offer these few suggestions and strategies:

    1. When you go out to eat in order of amounts always start first with as many green veggies as possible, then nutrient dense protein, then whole food fats.

    2. Order foods that are not cooked with lots oils or finished with sauces and if they are you can always ask that these be served on the side.

    3. Drink lots of water.

    4. Another approach is to taste everything and eat nothing.

    5. Plan your treats.

    6. Love and be kind to yourself always.! B)<3B)

  • @Helen DeweyReikofski Regarding the 4th suggestion: Always start with #1 but if you're at a special restaurant where there are many different dishes you would like to taste then by all means do because now you are going to become your own kind of SANE and that is what counts! Aloha B) 
  • HDR Journal entry 3. 
    Thankful for 
    1. A great vacation and safe return home to Texas
    2. My first SANE store foods were waiting for me in my hold mail
    3. Remembering to NSV (1st) NDP (2nd) and WFF (2 eggs or 10 raw macadamia nuts) next helped me not gain weight on vacation. (Almost a miracle!)
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski welcome home! Isn't it so cool that something, like vacation, that everyone associates with "weight gain" doesn't have to be true! 
    Plus I know that I enjoy my vacations more because I am not obsessing about food AND I physically feel so much better ;)
  • Great journal @Helen DeweyReikofski!  I have never been to Hawaii but of course I would love to go. Congrats on enjoying your vacay while staying SANE!
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski

    Glad you had a great vacation and are safely home in Texas. 
  • HDR Journal entry 4. 1. Thankful for Live Coaching sessions. 2. Jonathan going deep. 3. Knowng this community is always "here" for us.

  • HDR Journal entry 5.
    Thankful for my husband's good cooking, getting to celebrate my birthday on Feb 2 with a SANE chocolate cake recipe, that the ingredients are coming from the SANE Store arriving tomorrow!
  • Happy SANE Birthday @Helen DeweyReikofski!  What a treat... a hubby who cooks tasty sane meals and sane chocolate birthday cake....sounds SANEsational!
    Please make sure to let us share in your fun through your post and tell us how splendidly your special day goes! :)
  • SANEStore goodies arrived today. Will be our first adventure with coconut flour. Exciting!
  • Yeah!  Just remember Helen to follow sane recipes carefully And be patient getting used to using coconut flour. I think it even states that in some of  recipes. You  will have fun. Enjoy!
  • Death by Chocolate Cake- for my Feb 2 birthday- a huge success. Made by my husband-  and he graciously only put one candle on the cake :-) Rich, sweet, chocolate with a hint of coconut. Lovely! @Raina_SANECoach do you know where to look to score it? Thx for the guidance on Peanut Butter Enegy Bites (on Sane Store page below ingredients). I've tried the search magnify glass icon and not getting scores that way. Suggestions?
  • Hey @Helen DeweyReikofski... So glad your chocolate cake was a hit. Good job hubby!  Glad you enjoy the peanut butter energy bites too. As far as "scoring" goes, if you mean logging food the cake would be considered a WFF.  If I'm not understanding your question maybe you could plz clarify what you are asking about with the scoring and not able to find with magnifying glass?  Then maybe I can help with that question. 
  • Ah, thx! I've been trying to search the website for things like the values (3 NSV, 1 NDP, 1 WFF, .5 Starch)  for products and recipes, so I know what to enter on the phone app where we "Score" a meal. 
  • The magnifying glass is the "search icon"
  • Gratitude entry-
    1. Thankful for all SANE Coaches- esp. @Christine_SANECoach @Raina_SANECoach @Lori_SANECoach
    2. For great FAQ section
    3. Progress not perfection
  • You are SO Sweet @Helen DeweyReikofski. Thank you So very much. We are most grateful for you too :)

    As far as the search magnifying glass.... Lol... I understood that much...But what are you searching for that you are needing help with? Was it where to log tasty birthday cake or trying to find peanut butter bites in store? Or something other?
  • Heya @Helen DeweyReikofski, if you navigate to the recipe page in the program, underneath the title it will show you what you need to enter in the app to score it:



    This one would be scored as 1 x WFF and 1 x Other Oils.
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski what a wonderful thing your husband did. Sounds like you are rocking it. I haven't started scoring yet just trying to get more vegetables in. 
  • Sorry I'm not communicating this well. Ha!

    Example: When I bought Bake-N-Crisps, I didn't see on the package how to score them. I tried the global search on the SANE website. Still no answer. I didn't know if I was missing a way to find nutrition info. I looked in the SANE Store website, under the product, under Nutrition. No help. Similar experience with Peanut Butter Energy Bites. Then I gave in and just asked about that one. Because of that answer, I've now looked again on SANE Store for Bake-N-Crisp scoring and WAY down, below Directions for microwave- and below oven - I find "A single ¼ cup unpuffed enjoyed per day doesn't impact your SANEScore. For every four servings eaten in a single day, count one serving Nutrient-Dense Protein. If you don't know what SANEScoring is, you can..."

    So. I'm saying it is hard to find how how to score products. 
    It's hard to find how to score this great Death by Chocolate Cake recipe. Love it. Just wanna be wise how to plan it. 

    I may may not be using the search function properly. Wouldn't it be great to have a tab JUST to find scoring information? Just SANE recipe name & score, just SANE product and score. Then the coaches might have fewer repeat questions on "how many NSV in 2 T Garden in a Glass?" Right ? :-)

    I'm  not stressing; I  just want to learn the SANE Approach and work it more and more. Scoring is encouraged, so it'd be great to find that info more easily. 

    Sorry this is long. Just trying to clarify, since I was a bit confusing before. Thx!!!
  • HelenDeweyReikofski
    edited February 2017
    I just found my long post never successfully pushed. Ah technology. So great when it works; kinda grating when it doesn't. Ha! 

    Also, kinda frustrating to find a neat SANE Store product or a recipe that is "SANE" and they don't have the score info. With the help I get CONSISTENTLY and KINDLY I'm learning by leaps and bounds. 

    I've completed the first course, and moved into 101. I've started using Garden in a Glass, had my first coconut flour cake, tried the Green Tea Leaves from the SANE Store in a meal smoothie at 4pm on the way to my evening work. Today was Orange Creamsicle but I used an archived recipe - cos I didn't know any better. Now I know I can find it in the Program recipes- in a more beneficial version- and those include the scoring. Whew. So cool!  

    I've had about 18 hours of driving to work this week. I've learned how to listen to coaching calls recorded in 2015 while driving. ( anyone remember when @JonathanBailor  was losing his voice during a coaching call? Might've been around Dec 2015. Great call & what a trouper! I love his deep knowledge and transparent enthusiasm. Thankful!
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski sounds like you are doing great!  Awesome job on the courses and increasing your SANE foods!

    For the SANE Store Products like Garden in My Glass, Bars, Bites, Crisps, etc, if you click on "Directions" or "How to Use" that is the section that will give you the scoring.  Plus we are always happy to help you out her too in the Coaching and Support group! :)  I think that is a fantastic idea to make that a tab that says "How to Score" instead.  Thanks for the super feedback!

    I love that you are listening to calls while driving.  I always feel extra productive when I do that because I am learning and commuting.  Winning!  Wow but that's a lot of driving  :o Good thing you are making great use of your time!

  • Christine_SANECoach
    edited February 2017
    @Helen DeweyReikofski. Sounds like you are moving along nicely.  I like how you are seeking info and learning how to live with structured flexibility. Good job! I do remember the older podcasts and Jonathan's larangitus... His persistence is commendable :) I agree that it's so nice to be able to utilize drive time by learning via podcasts. I even do this while mowing a very large yard. :star:
  • Feb 23. Pilates sad episode. 
    Went to my first Pilates class in about 20 years. Picked a good spot in the back right corner. I hit my limits much sooner than I ever expected. Even suddenly had a pounding headache. Spent more than half the class modifying, opting out, stretching, breathing. I did quite a bit of crying - including snot. Good thing I had my white socks on. (I was able to wipe my face with the back of my hand. Then wipe my slimy hand on my ankle socks. ha! Kind of funny, kind of pathetic!)  I felt very very low. I felt like I was going to "die early" and leave Roger on his own. This makes me cry every time I say this out loud. 

    I choose to not give up. 
    I choose to accept that progress may be extremely slow. I choose to embrace that "doing the next right thing" will have benefits.
    I had diarrhea when I got home, caused by the small amount that I exerted. Guess it was a big amount for my body. I also did some tapping on "even though I'm sad about how weak I am, I fully and completely believe I can keep doing the next right thing and improve my health. I am sane. I can keep going down my sane path."
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski those are some intense uncomfortable emotions that came up in your pilates class.  Lots of hugs to you!  How brave of you to look at those feelings and to pull them out of you and put them down in your journal.  Accepting where you are and making the conscious decision to do what you know in your heart is best for you is truly all you can ask of yourself. <3  

    Activities like pilates or yoga are very intense for the central nervous system.  My first yoga mentor used to tell me a story of when he was training with his own teacher. A man who had trouble walking and moving would come in and sit in the back of the class against the wall and not participate.  This went on for several months.  My teacher asked, "guruji, does that man not want the benefits of yoga that he doesn't even try?".  His teacher replied, "he is practicing yoga from the place that he is at.  And he is getting as much benefit from the yoga as the students doing the advanced poses."  Sure enough, after a few months, the man who previously had trouble even walking into the class because of his poor health, one day rolled out a mat and began practicing with the class.

    Helen you are powerful and courageous beyond words!  
  • @Helen DeweyReikofski How are you doing Helen?  

    Over a two year period I developed a pretty vigorous walking routine that included walking up flights of stairs. Then last spring I started to have pain in my knees. As summer passed I couldn't walk the stairs and then sometime during the fall I couldn't go on the walks period. I continued resistance training and was excited to learn about eccentric exercise but then fibromyalgia flared up and I developed pelvic pain that would come and go very unpredictably. I began physical therapy in November and just had my last visit with the therapist this past Tuesday.

    During therapy I learned that in order to perform any kind of physical recreational activity or exercise properly I had to have strong core muscles. I've had Pilates instruction, even own a reformer, but only now do I really understand what the core muscles are and how to use them. The tricky thing is to feel where they are in your body and keep all four muscle groups engaged while moving or even sitting. I really had to concentrate and worked very hard to do what looked like simple small movements. I never would have thought that lifting a foot a few inches off the floor could be so difficult. I even had to learn how to take a proper step.

    I guess I'm writing this to you because I felt your frustration about not being able to do something that you used to be able to do. And I also want to encourage you to be gentle kind and loving to yourself as you continue to move forward on your SANE path. I think we all have the tendency to be our own worst critics when what we really need is to give ourselves some extra TLC. 
     B)  <3 ((((( HUGS <3 HELEN )))))  <3B)
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