LaDawn's SANE Gratitude Journal

I've avoided the forum for long enough... :p 

What I'm grateful for today:

- My supportive family 
- Working with @Wednesday_SANECoach more and more and being able to be completely real with her
- having a driving teen! (personal delivery and uber service when I forget something!)



  • Squeeee! You started a gratitude journal!  @LaDawnP !  And I love the quote in your signature.  <3<3<3  Thankful for YOUUUUUU!
  • What I'm grateful for:

    - not feeling guilty for the food choices I make
    - good books
    - our silly furbabies that keep our lives interesting - Indy was sleeping on the back of the couch...fell off and landed on Phil's head...she stayed and went right back to sleep...

  • @LaDawnP LOL!  Sleeping is serious business :joy:
  • What I'm grateful for:

    - Being able to meal prep for the week
    - Sunday morning breakfast with the family (SANE Waffles) thanks @Wednesday_SANECoach
    - the amazing SANETeam that I get the pleasure of working with daily 
  • Silly Furkids!  Gotta Love 'em! 
  • What I'm grateful for - 

    - Amazing goodness shared on the TeamMeeting today
    - the new SANE Cravings Killer bars and Peanut Butter bites!
    - my loving family
  • What I'm grateful for - 

    -my amazing kids (can't believe one is a senior this year!!)
    -challenges that push me to be better 
    -listening to my girls come home and tell me about their day at school in the funny way they do that always makes me smile 
  • What I'm grateful for -

    - Being 100% me...all the time
    - clear and concise plans for moving projects forward
    - Sam's club ... lol bulk shopping for bulk cooking :)
  • What I'm grateful for -

    - Fantastic Recipes that make eating SANE so of our family faves
    - that our daughter's ankle was just sprained and not broke
    - Progress!!
  • I am glad your daughter's ankle is not broke. Welcome to the group @LaDawnP. Glad you are posting. 
  • Thank you so much @LeAneMartin!
  • What I'm grateful for - 

    - Some family time after a tough day. Nothing better than laughing and joking and being silly with those that make your heart swell. :) 
    - meal prep! I always said...I could never do that...I can't imagine NOT doing it now!
    - the changes that have taken place in our lives over the last year and how different our family is because of them....even the not so good changes. 
  • What I'm grateful for

    -My teenage daughter that loves SANE and loves to cook. :) She made the apple cinnamon pecan muffins on Saturday and they were yummy. We will modify them the next time to have less of the topping though.
    -Getting things done... Done.Next
    -Cooler weather :)
  • What I'm grateful for

    -Family time - took the girls, their little sister, our nephew, Matt's Mom & Dad to the Big Cat Wildlife preserve Sunday and had a fantastic time spending the day outside with everyone
    -Fun times with friends
    -My new smoothie recipe that will be my new regular :)  <3
  • What is your new smoothie recipe @LaDawnP
  • @LeAneMartin I kept it really simple. I had started to eat a bowl of greek yogurt and a few berries and decided to go for a smoothie instead. So I filled the blender with spinach, a cup of water, and a handful of celery (I had them cut up in finger length pieces from the day before) my yogurt I had already put in the bowl and the berries. I prefer to pour mine over ice because I like a less thick consistency. It was super yummy and I was able to get my protein and greens in. :) 
  • What I'm grateful for

    -School systems that don't play about the weather...glad our girls are home today with the hurricane stuff blowing through here. 
    -Yummy SANE Recipes that help me kick my sweet tooth when I have it. If you haven't tried the Chocolate Chunk are missing out. :) I added some almond slivers for extra crunch.
    -my SANE family

  • @LaDawnP - You gave me some good ideas :)  headed to find the Chocolate Chunk bars and to move up a few Brene' Brown books on my reading list.  Do you have a favorite or good place to start?
  • @AnissaBeilhardt :) One of my faves is this one: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

    Many of her books have mixed reviews, but I'm the type of person that loves the library and will walk down isles until a spine of a book jumps out at me, take it home and read it. I don't usually pay a lot of attention to who the author is unless I'm totally in love with the book. I don't pay a lot of attention to the reviews and feel that you have to find what speaks to you. :) There's a relatively similar theme in her books about 'shame'. Hope this helps :) 
  • @LaDawnP - it helps indeed, yes.  Since me and the perfection monster are battling for ultimate supremacy most days, seems like a good one to start with lol
  • @AnissaBeilhardt I hear you! Let me know how you like it! :) 

    PS. kick that perfection monster in the head he's not needed anymore ;)
  • Thank you @LaDawnP

    May need reminders now and then lol.  @KeriEnriquez has been working with me on progress vs perfection.  It'll come eventually :)
  • @KeriEnriquez is fantastic. I know the struggle. I've struggled with my weight most of my life. I'm 37 now and have decided I don't need perfection, I need feel good, I need love, I need ME. So it's a mind set change. I still have my struggles, my good days and my not so good days, but I refuse to be defined by them. Each step is a step in the right direction no matter how small. I'm working on a large goal, but one day it hit me, I spent the better part of 25 years worrying about my weight and the many many (sadly many more lol) things I've tried, and it hit me if I lost 1 pound a week in a year I'm more than half way to my goal, heck if I lost 2 pounds a month that still puts me close to my goal than the 25 years I spent going from one program to another..I can do this, and so can you :) 
  • What I am grateful for

    - SANE bars and Smoothies on busy days! 
    - Family time  <3
    - the WEEKEND! (long week) LOL ;) 
  • What I am grateful for

    - @Wednesday_SANECoach for always having an open ear for me :)
    - Pushing forward even on bad days
    - A little downtime with the hubs just enjoying each others company
  • LaDawnP
    edited September 2017
    What I'm grateful for

    - an evening of porch sitting with the fam....even though we went into stealth mode every time a car came by...we've been rolled the last 2 nights because of the junior/senior wars going was nice and I loved sitting there giggling and talking with our kids and the hubs. 
    - @Wednesday_SANECoach's Moms peanut butter chicken which was AMAZING lol
    - the weekend! Our girls have their first band competition of the season and it's going to be interesting because they've moved up a division!
  • @LaDawnP so glad you tried it and liked it! :)
  • LaDawnP
    edited October 2017
    What I'm grateful for

    -my husband for letting me lay back down this morning and try to get rid of my headache and how sweet he is when I'm not feeling 100%
    -the focus and dedication our girls have. They had their first band competition of the season this past Saturday. Their band is approximately 50% rookies and because of their size this year, they moved up a division. They also have a new band director and didn't learn the 4th set until Wednesday before the competition...because of the kids' hard work...they walked away with ALL of the trophies! They even beat out the 4A division for Most Entertaining. They were also the only band to get a stadium standing ovation. Can you say case you're interested: We have a Senior that plays Trumpet and is Captain of the Brass, and a Freshman that plays Tenor Sax. 
    -Being confident to eat out with friends and still be able to be SANE - and when not 100% I don't beat myself up over it. 
  • Wow where did the last 2 weeks go?! LOL 

    - I am grateful for growth...both in life and work
    - My amazing husband...we celebrate 4 years of marriage this week  <3
    - SANE....I have big goals and I struggle daily not letting the negative voice that has been a companion for 20+ years get the best of me. I eat healthier now more than I ever have and I know that I'm on the right course for once. I recognize the difference in 'her' voice and my own now and she is steadily losing her power. :) 
  • @LaDawnP Congrats on 4 years! <3
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