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New beginning for my SANE journey


  • Welcome to the SANE family @Tricia
  • Welcome to the SANE family, @Tricia!
  • Welcome to the SANE family @Tricia!
  • Oh my goodness!!! I just found the recipe for rouladen!  Any doubts I had have been resolved. lol
  • @Tricia - Welcome to our SANE Family! :)
  • Welcome @Tricia! So glad you found the rouladen recipe. Let me know how it came out please.
  • I have been completing an average of 3 step-by-step lessons each day. This means I reached SANE 101/Lesson 2 today.  I really enjoyed the video "Four Calorie Quality Factors"! I vaguely understood the principles before, but the way they were explained made everything so clear. This should make it easier for me to focus on why I want to expend time and energy on SANE food prep instead of just popping some prepackaged food into the oven. I really do not enjoy working in the kitchen and there are always more interesting things to be doing (like cleaning the toilet). But knowledge is power and I will use what I understood today as motivation for good!
  • Thank you all for the warm welcome!   :)<3
  • This week I realized that my diet is pretty much on target for the "Get Started" level. So this week I will work towards the next level. I do not have a time frame set to reach this next level. I do know that I need to make changes in my meal planning: less tortillas, less rice, less potatoes. I will need to figure out how to add more NSVs! I am really glad that eggs and avocados are sane!
  • You are doing great @Tricia. Keep up the great progress. 
  • Hello @PaulMoore! It is amazing what you can find at the perimeter of the store. I did not even know they sold pre-cut veggies. I am all stocked up for the next few days.  Thanks for the encouragement today!
  • Preparing for 14 hour days at the theatre. I do not feel prepared to stay sane, but I will do my best. Here goes something!
  • @Tricia whew! 14 hour days!  If this is your first time doing 14 hour days at the theater while SANE, this is definitely a learning experience.  Jump in, do your best, and treat everything like interesting and objective data.  While your days are super packed, perhaps you can find a quiet 5-10 mins a day to reflect on your food choices.  What went as you wanted, what didn't, what you want to do more of, what you don't, and what you will do differently from what you have learned.  You are going to do great!  We are here for you!
  • Thank you for the encouragement @Wednesday_SANECoach. I did bypass the Starbucks breakfast this morning. One good choice down! 
  • @Tricia Way to go!  I've been drawn in by Starbucks on more than one occasion so I know how strong the pull is - well done, you!
  • I have survived Peter Pan week and am happily surprised with my ability to say no to the goodies offered backstage. I had Starbucks 3 times, but choose Green Tea twice and a regular coffee with an extra shot yesterday morning, out final performance day.  While the meals were irregular, I kept the veggies packs available for the drive home which not only eased the hunger, but aided in keeping me awake! Most importantly, I feel much less worn out than I have the day after the last several shows. And to top it off, I can fit into my "fat" clothes again!  I am impressed by the way my body is feeling just by the simple changes I have made. I am ready to make a concerted effort in reaching the next level of SANEity!
  • So much overtime is good for the paycheck, but not so much for the rest of life.  Some days I have only eaten one meal and no snacks. At least I made that one meal uber SANE each time! And I tried to keep the water intake flowing. I have been fairly consistent making SANE choices other times. Still not ready to give up milk (or even half and half) in my coffee and that is ok. I am starting to see a difference in my body shape. Bye-bye back fat flaps!!!
  • Last week was my first "BIG" SANE fail. But with the encouragement of @PaulMoore I am back on my feet, armed with some new knowledge and ready to conquer the upcoming week!
  • @Tricia, this is a big win! Simply dusting yourself off and picking yourself up to try again is progress too.
  • Focus on progress not perfection! ;) Great job pushing forward!
  • @Tricia I too haven't given up my creamer. I did switch to Almond Milk creamer but haven't given it up completely ;) 
  • Thank you all for the encouragement. @LaDawnP I just found Almond milk creamer and I like it. I can move that step closer to SANEity!   :D 
  • Awesome! Yes I use to be an all day coffee I do one, sometimes two cups and that's it. Big improvement when I think about the creamer and stuff I was ;)
  • Take the word 'fail' out of your vocab, @Tricia!  We're in this for life, whether it be SANE or inSANE, we approach it with neutrality.  What's done is done, learn from it and move on.  Because we're in this for the long term, times of inSANEity are actually *expected*.  We can progress nonetheless, and when we focus on the progress, not perfection, that's when amazing things happen.

    As for coffee... I am heavy whipping cream ALL the way  B)
  • Thank you @Raina_SANECoach for helping me to keep the better perspective!
  • checking in on you @Tricia We're here if you need us!
  • I am the manager of a dance studio and we are preparing for our big Summer Concert production.  I have had good and and not so good days with food choices, as I spend most of my waking hours on this endeavor. We are in the theatre this week, so I will continue to do the best I can and come Sunday the 22nd I will be able to refocus my efforts on connecting with my wonderful support group here and moving forward in the lifestyle changes I am choosing to make.  Thank you  @LaDawnP for reaching out to make sure I am not floundering. (Just swimming in dance costumes and quick changes!  ;)  )
  • I am looking forward to my husband being out of town on business. While the cat's away, this mouse will eat much more SANEly!
  • Raina_SANECoach
    edited August 2018
    Tricia said:
    I am looking forward to my husband being out of town on business. While the cat's away, this mouse will eat much more SANEly!
    LOL I love this - most people be like YASSS PARTY whereas you're like YASSS VEGETABLES
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