SPD Group Challenge

Hey, hey everyone!

We have noticed that quite a few of the member’s that took part in our Setpoint Diet beta are wanting to start again in January.

Good news: We want you to be a part of our January Facebook Group Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

Get a copy of the new book on Amazon here today (it contains the instructions for the 21-day challenge) and then...

Email service@sanesolution.com with your receipt and you’ll receive an email to secure your spot to our event in January!

Can’t wait to see you in the group challenge after the holiday… it is going to be fun and transformational :-)

p.s. If you’ve already bought a copy, then make sure to buy one for a friend or family member to take advantage of this upcoming event.  Know someone else that would like to take advantage of this but isn't an Ignite Member? Just have them also purchase a copy and email their receipt to service@sanesolution.com to be included.



  • Hi All 😊

    As promised, just wanted to provide an update on our upcoming 21-day challenge.

    Initial emails are being sent today with next steps, and we will start adding people to the closed FaceBook group as the conditions in the email are met.

    This is going to be Great!!

    One thing we do ask each and every Ignite Member to remember is that this challenge will be a mix of Members and *non* Members.

    Our Members have all spent hard earned dollars for the information available with Your SANE Ignite Program and we ask that we are very cautious when interacting within the closed group. 

    We want to make sure we are only providing information that is available with the book purchase and SPD challenge, and not information that would be considered “learned” information from being an Ignite member.

    Anything more than that would be unfair to each and every one of you and we hope you understand.  While it’s great to offer help, if you are unsure if you would be giving too much information, please reach out to one of the Moderators or Admins before answering any questions as *non* Members will still be able to see all questions/answers.

    We are super excited to have each of you that are joining us for this round on board and can't wait to get this kicked off!

  • hrm.. i haven't gotten any emails today.. did they actually go out? or are they going out tomorrow?

  • No email for me yet, either. Can u check on that @Sue_SANECoach?
  • @DavinaStuart & @HelenDeweyReikofski - I will definitely check on them this morning :)
  • I am glad everyone is following this. If you purchased the book and have not sent your receipt to the desk (service@sanesolution.com) please do so today. Davina and Helen I have yours and will be getting your emails out today. I have another list that I need to merge and that should have everyone. Please help us spread the word...If you purchased the book and plan to take part in the FB Challenge, please make sure you send your receipt of your book purchase to service@sanesolution.com TODAY. :)  @HelenDeweyReikofski @DavinaStuart
  • Got my email just now! Thx SANE Team! :star:
  • HelenDeweyReikofski
    edited January 2019
    Note: just for “Inside Ignite” I just did the intake survey with entering measurements and the survey didn’t get updated. It will only take rounded up or down numbers, even though Beta feedback mentioned we need to have .5 and .75

    For example, say my arm was 15.25” I can only enter 15. So, when I lose a quarter of an inch the data will only show “no loss.” Is this something a SANE genius could fix so we can re-enter our date next week?

    I kept a paper version with all of the “and 3/4” or “and 1/2” so I’ll be able to see my progress. Also, there was no “chest” measurement asked. 
  • got mine this morning as well :) survey done as well

  • @HelenDeweyReikofski ah good point! Missed that...looking into fixing it now. If you'd be willing, please message me privately your numbers and I will update the quiz sheet. :) Thanks for the reminder on the quiz! 
  • Heh heh. You know I don’t want those numbers out in public! I will PM those when I’m back home tomorrow. 
    Thank you, @LaDawnP!
  • @LaDawnP
    Can you tell me if I am on your list?  I bought 2 books and sent in the receipts of each one.  I have not received an email for the January Challenge.
  • @HelenDeweyReikofski, I was able to use a decimal for the partial inches this time. :kissing_smiling_eyes:
  • Thx to @LaDawnP for fixing that for us! WooHoo 🎉 ⭐️ 
    edited January 2019
    So is it still possible to be part of this challenge? I have the book and I'm an
    Ignite member for about 30 days so I'm a newbie
  • @KarenLynch Do you think you can send your email receipt for the book to service@sanesolution.com  and then tag @Sue_SANECoach and @LaDawnP here? I bet LaDawn would be able to pass your email address to the team replying to us in emails. 

    In the meantime, read the book some more, so you can plan to order the nutraceuticals that are recommended. See The Setpoint Diet pages 142-144 (the end of Chapter 10) are really helpful. Or just read the most nutritional foods, if that's where you're "at." 
    Thinking the abbreviations like NDP & ONDP (Nutrient Dense Protein and Optimal Nutrient Dense Protein) and NSV and ONSV (Non-Starchy Veggies) helps a lot of us. :smile:

    I hope you get to give it a try!  :heart:
  • @Sue_SANECoach , @LaDawnP
    I sent my receipt as you requested. Thnx!
  • @KarenLynch I will get you added today and an email sent to you. More information will come out next week, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox. These are NOT coming from Jonathan, they are coming from our team members that are organizing the 21 Day Challenge. 
  • Ok everyone that wanted in should be on the list now. This is now closed. :)
  • @Sue_SANECoach @LaDawnP, I was just reading some of these earlier posts and noted the need to round up or down the measurement numbers. I got quiz etc and sent numbers but they were with decimals. Haven't heard anything since so is this the reason??? Wondering about my status in the group
  • @KarenLynch You've been added to the Facebook group. I show you in there....please go to FB and make sure. :) You should be seeing posts from the group. If not, please let me know so we can work it out today since we start on Monday. :)

  • Okay, found myself👌 going to locate my journal.
  • Ok ready to start excited, nervous and just a little scared. When I took measurements I forgot to keep copy where can I find my original measurements please
  • I sent in my receipt to matt and am waiting for an email.  I didn't realize I should have gotten this in earlier.  I read the book today and got my things ordered from sane and am raring to go.  Help, please?  
  • I mean I finished the book today...sigh....
  • @MargaretDore I have them and can private message them to you if you would like. :)@jaynemisra I messaged you the link to the group on FB. :)
  • I’ve only got the audiobook because I always multitask so I guess it’s only for people who buy the actual books? 
  • @TiinaHoddy if you are interested, I can put you in for the February one. 
  • Oh that would be great. I’ve got time to figure out what to do by then 😃👍🏻 Thank you 
  • Thank you @LaDawnP that would be fantastic 
  • I am loving fish for breakfast!  It seems the commitment to do these things in the challenge...and knowing what to do is a huge part of it.  
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