Janet's Grateful Journal

Grateful I don't have to go outside this morning in the pouring rain.
Grateful for my family and friends
Grateful for a wonderfully relaxing weekend. 


  • Today I'm not grateful for anything in particular just grateful to be alive and all that   I've been given.  
  • @JanetKeith I'd say that's a great gratitude!
  • Have a happy holiday weekend @JanetKeith 🌞🌷😊
  • @AndreaB Happy Holiday to you enjoy   :)
  • Today I'm grateful for my Family and Friends. 
    Grateful for waking up feeling happy and healthy
    Grateful for great co-workers

  • I'm thankful my family is staying safe and following the rules. 
    I'm grateful for wonderful neighbours
    A shout out to all the medical staff around the world!!!!!,  who risk their own safety to help others  <3

  • I'm grateful for my family and friends.
    I'm grateful for my health and well-being.
    I'm grateful for the new year, another chance at a new beginning. 
  • I'm grateful My neighbours shovelled our walkway.

    I’m grateful for the wonderful and loving family I am blessed with.

    I’m grateful for my health. 

  • Today I'm grateful for 

    Feeling much better today, it's a good day. :)
    My wonderful loving family, I'm grateful for them every day. 
    The great company I work for, I get to work with the greatest co-workers ever.
  •  I'm grateful for my health.
    Grateful for my husband,  who has always been there when needed.
    Grateful we are finally starting to see restrictions being lifted.
  • Grateful for my family
    Grateful for my health
    Grateful for better days ahead.
  • Grateful we are finally reaching the end of the pandamic.
    Grateful  for the wonderful family I was blessed with.
    Grateful for  today, being   a bright and sunny day. 
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