Friendly Reminder of the Purpose of this Community and Guidelines

The SANE Community was created to focus on a positive place where all members of the SANE Family could share in their Journeys, Gratitude’s, and meet like-minded individuals with a common Goal in mind.  To finally be freed from negativity and focus on self-worth and healing where weight loss could be seen as an added benefit.

Please keep this in mind and remember, we are all here for Success in one form or another and if we post negative thoughts, concerns, we are not only hindering our own journeys, we are in fact breeding negativity that can hinder the journey of every member in here participating.

Consistent with the science of pursuing the positive rather than attacking the negative, negative posts will be removed at SANE’s discretion as they are against the guidelines of the Community and not in anyone’s best interest. Here's to giving energy to that which we want more of... here's to our SANEity!

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