Sandy's Gratitude Journal

1. I'm grateful for my Son who takes time to contact me almost everyday.
2. I'm grateful for my 4 Grandchildren ranging from 1-9 and the ability to babysit with them twice a week.
3. I'm grateful for this beautiful sun filled day, gorgeous!


  • Sandra JSweeney
    edited August 2020
    This is the first day of my journey with SANE, I'm really excited to get started
  • Paul_SANECoach
    edited August 2020
    Welcome to the SANE Family, @SandySweeney
  • Welcome to SANE @SandySweeney! Glad you're here on this awesome journey with us ❤
  • @SandySweeney Welcome to our SANE Family  :)
  • Welcome aboard @SandySweeney.  I joined Aug. 22, 2018.
  • Welcome to our SANE family @SandySweeney!
  • Welcome to our SANE family @SandySweeney!
  • I wanted to say thank you to all of my SANE family that sent kind words and a big welcome to me.  I just relearned how to do this journal entry (on my own) today. (hope I'm doing this right)   Woo Hoo!
  • 1.  I am grateful for my husband's support starting this new adventure.;
    2.  I am grateful for SANE's unbelievable opportunity to make this my last and forever attempt at getting healthy.
    3.  I am grateful for my awesome nutritionist that asked me to read the Set-Point Diet book.
  • Hi Sandy!  I am doing this to get healthy too! By lowering my weight I expect to put off hip surgery indefinitely!
  • Hello @Sandra JSweeney.   It's a lovely day here too.  I think you'd like having all your journal entries in one journal rather than in several, so I'm going to tag a couple folks who can merge your journals into one.  Then, instead of creating a new journal every time, you can scroll down to Leave a Comment and reply in it just like you'd reply to someone else's topic. :)

  • Thank you @SpringRyding, you are correct. I’m just not sure what I’m doing yet.

    I’m grateful for the help
    I’m grateful for my friends support with the change in my dietary style
    I’m grateful for the ability to stick with this for the past 2 weeks, looking forward to the future
  • Sorry, I really don’t know what I’m doing
    very confused 🤪
  • Hi @KaronAltman, good for you, best to you getting to your goal. It’s a great goal! I really believe this forever program will get you there
  • @Sandra JSweeney, I'm suddenly reminded of a sign in the manager's office where I used to work at McD's back in the 80's: "If you're not confused around here, you're not working hard enough."

    You're doing find Sanda.  The post order got a bit scrambled with the topic merge, but from here on, it will be smooth flowing. :)  Or were you confused about something else?
  • No and thank you. I really like the statement smooth sailing from here on out! 😉
  • I tried practicing with the eccentric exercises yesterday
    I'm grateful for a sore body today - must have done something right
    I'm grateful for cinnamon and cocoa
    I'm grateful for a market with a fabulous produce department
  • I made it to 12 non-starchy vegetables today! Yeah!
    I'm grateful for almost 3 weeks of lower glucose levels, I have a happy nutritionist!
    I'm grateful for Paul Moore who combined all my postings into one, Thanks
    I'm grateful for the fact that I have no desire for inSANEity foods, that is so cool!
  • Three cheers on the lower glucose levels @Sandra JSweeney!!  That is excellent.  :)
  • Thank you to all who helped me to get my picture posted. @JacquelineMarler @Judy_SANECoach @Raina_SANECoach
    I hope I'm doing this right?
    I missed my Grateful post yesterday, it was a very trying day with the Grandkids yesterday (I have 4 that range from 1-9 a non-cooperative day)
    I'm grateful for all the support from SANE members while I'm learning the system.
    I'm grateful for all my friends and family members that took everything inSANEity (out of my cupboards) off my hands
    I'm grateful for the fact that it was suggested to tell that I'm doing something different to keep me going in the right direction (it's working).
  • I'm grateful for meetings in the park to stay social at this crazy time.
    I'm grateful for the fact that I think I'm getting the hang of this online system, Cool and Yeah!!
    I'm grateful for such easy grocery shopping, Produce section and done!
  • I'm grateful for the sleep I was able to get last night
    I'm grateful for church online during this Covid mess
    I'm grateful for Jonathan's tips on making smoothies ahead! Very cool!
  • I'm grateful for Jonathan's smoothie video (going to try making them all at once for the week.
    I'm grateful for car repair shop getting my car back to me same day.
    I'm grateful for the salmon in the fridge grilled last night, easy night tonight. Yeah!
  • how do you keep all your posts as one?  you said paul showed you???
  • Hi @JacquelineMarler, actually Paul put them all together for me. He made things so much easier for me!
  • I need to know how hahah @Paul_SANECoach you need to tell me too :)
  • I’m grateful for my husband’s gas grill, I’m getting pretty good with it.
    I’m grateful for the eleven years I got to spend with my GrandDog, She was a really good girl!
    I’m grateful for all the wonderful people with SANE that are walking the same path I am, super grateful!
  • I'm grateful for a great blood pressure reading this morning with my physician, best one in a very long time. This is working!
    I'm grateful for the spiralizer kit for my KitchenAid, works great and what fun.
    I'm grateful for all the support I get from Paul my Personal SANE Success Specialist, will talk to him this morning, looking forward to it!
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