My SANE journey thus far

Well, it's been just under a month since I opened The Set-Point Diet book, and what a difference it's made in my life. I started because I have Type II Diabetes, elevated Triglycerides and boarder-line elevated blood pressure.
When I made my first green smoothy, I really didn't know what I was doing and just used raw vegetables which included Kale and drank it quickly because it tasted terrible. Well, I paid for it, I vomited for 4 hours through the night, not the greatest start. But, I didn't give up and I tried again, after a couple of days. This time I used a bit of SANE approved fruit, a bit of sweetner and either Almond milk and/or protein powder. That made all the difference. I've been experimenting and my tastes are changing. I actually am able to use kale, bok choy, and all the leafy green veggies and little lemon or lime or apple cider vinegar (raw) and you know what, I'm really enjoying them and happy to be drinking my green smoothies.

I'm so pleased with the health successes I'm experiencing also.  My glucose levels have been between 103 and 124 for two weeks straight. Before I started I was consistently running between 160-179. What a difference!  Well, today I had to go for a skin cancer body check and they took my blood pressure (after I drank green tea and walked up the flight of stairs) and it was the best pressure I've had in forever. It was 128/66.  Like I mentioned earlier it was boarder-line and now it looks like I'm going to be able to prevent medication for that. 

For the very first time ever, I am actually looking forward to my primary physician diabetes check in September, because I can't wait to see what my blood labs are.  I've always dreaded that in the past.  What a great outlook on life's challenges I now have. I'm loving it! I know that my basic reason for joining the SANE family was to get healthy, but the weight loss is a bonus side effect. I know I can now do this for the rest of my life.

I'm very excited to be apart of this wonderful Group because I know all of you will always be there along my journey and now I will be there for you too. Thank you for the fantastic support!



  • What an amazing log @Sandra JSweeney and thank you so much for sharing.  I love how you learned to love smoothies. :)  Great job!
  •  I really enjoyed your share @Sandra JSweeney.   You are a prime example “Perseverance prevails”.  Great job on the smoothies.:) 

  • Thanks so much @Sandra JSweeney for sharing this great news with the SANE Family. All your hard work and devotion to a SANE way of lifestyle is showing that this is very real. I'm looking forward to our next call :smiley:
  • Such wonderful successes @Sandra JSweeney.  Thank you for sharing.
  • Thanks for sharing @Sandra JSweeney! That's amazing! I am so glad you did not give up after your first fail as smoothies. So inspiring!
  • I have an update to My Journey Thus Far:

    My Doctor reduced my diabetes medication (Metformin) from 1000mg twice a day to 500mg twice a day starting today. I’m really excited to see if my SANE diet will make up the difference in the reduction of medication. I am optimistic that it will! I have a Followup with my Doctor on September 23, I should know for sure at that time. I’m looking forward to this visit and having my blood labs run to see how my SANE Program has affected my overall health thus far. It will only get better from here because I‘m in for the rest of my life!

    Another follow up, my green smoothies have only gotten better and I’m really enjoying them!
    How great is that? Love my SANE Program and knowing that you all are there to help me be successful in meeting my goals! Thank you
  • Thanks @Debora_SANECoach I've taken my glucose levels twice a day for the two days since I changed my diabetic medication and I'm all good, still running between 98-125, those are great readings for me! YEAH!! I love this program, and I'm never hungry!
  • Hey @Paul_SANECoach great call today, I got the answers to all my questions I had, thanks so much, but I forgot to tell you about my medication reduction. My Doctor reduced my diabetes medication (Metformin) from 1000mg twice a day to 500mg twice a day starting last Saturday, and my glucose levels are still right where they were when I was taking the greater amount.
  • OH MY GOSH!! That is great to hear @Sandra JSweeney. You are doing awesome with SANE eating and working at increasing servings that your rewards are truly showing. 
  • I want to talk about Viscera3, this is very personal but if I can help just one person experiencing the same problems I have experienced my whole life, then it’s worth the embarrassment.
    I’ve been chronically constipated since I can remember, even as a child. Several years ago when I had a colonoscopy, I told the Doctor about it and he told me to take 1 tablespoon of Miralax along with the Benefiber I was already taking daily and I would never have the problem again. Well he was right!
    Then I joined the SANE Family and the Benefiber had to go (grain free).  I watched one of the videos about leaky gut and ordered Viscera3 right away. With all of the testaments about how quickly and completely it worked for so many people, I was very excited to get started.
    After I started It was weeks and I was still having huge issues, (I mean bad enough that I had to do enemas to empty my bowels) I was right back at the beginning again.
    I was just about to give up and return to my old regime when suddenly  Viscera3 started working for me and it's been several days now that I feel so great and comfortable. 
    I want anyone who may experience what I have please, DON'T GIVE UP, Viscera3 really does work and sometimes it may take a bit to heal your gut but IT REALLY WORKS!
  • That is really awesome @Sandra JSweeney!! So many accomplishments already! :star:
  • Thanks @Debora_SANECoach I really love this program and the community surrounding it! <3
  • Woo Hoo!
    * Got my blood labs back from 9/23/2020 and WOW!
    Cholesterol at 120, Triglycerides at 79,  Glucose at 123 .
    One year ago they were
    Cholesterol at 136, Triglycerides at 199 and Glucose at 180. 
    This means more to me than the weight loss, don't get me wrong, I still want to lose the weight, but this is a huge accomplishment for me.

  • This is very cool, I have been doing my Courses and at the end of several have been SANE Solutions advertisements that I'm asked to post to Facebook. So I did, a lot.  I started getting friends asking me if my Facebook page was hacked. I said no and that I would go online and explain my situation. Which I did. And WOW, what a great response I got from so many family members and friends current and from long ago that I haven't seen for some time. They were all as supportive as my SANE Community members. I had several family members say thank you for leading the way and letting us know about The Set-Point Diet Book due to our predisposition to diabetes in the family. It really made me feel good and very happy that I could help others with the same health concerns. 
  • That's awesome @Sandra JSweeney!!! Sharing your success with family and friends will really open doors for others. Leading by example is the SANE way of showing others that there are benefits for everyone. :smiley:  
  • Thank you @Paul_SANECoach for a wonderful coaching call today. You are so easy to talk to and share my journey with. I am so comfortable sharing with you.  I have to let you know after discussing weight and measurements today (I know, I know, throw the scale away.  :D  It is irrelevant!) From the first time I took measurements I went down 2 pant sizes, 3 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my hips, 2 inches off my thigh, my arms stayed the same. I do know this is fat lost because I can feel the muscle I'm building underneath all that. The building of muscle is a slow process,l but I really like how it looks and feels on me. Thanks for walking this journey with me!
  • When I was in my middle 30's I started taking Karate lessons with my then 8 year old son. He started when he was 4 years old and was the first 8 year old black belt at the school. I took my first black belt test at 40 years old and I was in the best physical shape of my life.  With all the eccentric strength training and physical activity now in my middle 60's I am remembering how that felt again. It feels really good!
  • I made another milestone, I lowered my A1C from 7.3 in July to 6.2 yesterday. Since I joined SANE in August only 2 of the 3 months were SANE so looking forward to my next one in 3 months which will be 100% SANE. I’m going for under 6.0 hopefully!! I’m thankful for the program and the Community of support!
    I wouldn’t have gotten here without this new life! 

  • So excited today, I pulled jeans out of the back of my closet today and wore a size I couldn't get into 3 months ago. Today is the first time I've wore jeans in well over 2 years. I just love SANE and the Community that comes with it. Thank you, Thank you
    Had a visit in the park with cousins this morning and one said to me, you have jeans on today and you look so skinny. It was the only time someone other than my husband noticed I'm losing weight and getting in better shape via eccentric exercises.
    I said thanks so much and I'm throwing away all the big clothes I grow out of because I'm never going back there. She said good for you and I'm proud of you.  This program is sustainable, I'm never hungry and I don't have inSANEity cravings at all. I truly love this program!  YEAH
  • Janet_SANECoach
    edited October 2020
    Awesome!  @Sandra JSweeney  :)

  • Thank you @Debora_SANECoach and @Janet_SANECoach I talked to @Paul_SANECoach this morning and told him how much I appreciate all his help through this wonderful SANE journey I’m on. I want you and all the SANE coaches to know just how much I appreciate all of you and the support you give to the whole SANE Community. Thank you!
  • 2.5 weeks ago, I contracted the COVID virus from my Son and Family. It was so hard to eat, I lost my sense of smell and taste and just couldn’t stomach food. When I made my husband eggs and toast, (he got sick too) I could smell the toast and it smelled so good, I really wanted it, but didn’t. I just didn’t want to undo all the progress I’d made so far. I was so close to giving in, but instead of eating grain, I chose a half of a potato. It tasted so good and I really needed to get some food in me.
    Well 2 days ago, before I gave up, I turned a corner and food finally started to taste good again, including my green smoothies. YEAH, I made it through, and I’m eating SANE Foods again!!  I’m a happy camper again!
    My Son said there is one upside to contracting the virus, we now have immunity for the next 3-7 months, which will get us through the winter!! Ya Hoo
    * this is the worse thing I’ve ever gone through, so everyone wear your mask and social distance and stay healthy* ❤️

  • Janet_SANECoach
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    @Sandra JSweeney  Wow! so sorry to hear about your illness.  How scary that must have been for you and your family.
    Thank goodness you both pulled through this and feeling better.    <3  

  • Thank you @Janet_SANECoach we are all well finally!
  • @Sandra JSweeney Sorry to hear that, and glad you are starting to feel better.
  • Thanks @Debora_SANECoach it was rough but back in control and actually feeling great!
  • I truly believe that I made it through getting COVID19 because of this fabulous program and the Community that comes with it. I have diabetes and asthma and yet I did not have respiratory symptoms and I attribute that to being on this program since August! I thank God for putting the right people in my path to get me to SANE when I did!!! ❤️🙏❤️
  • I'm glad you're feeling so much better @Sandra JSweeney.
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