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Really glad to be here. Still working through the Step-by-Step Orientation Lessons. Learning so much. Trying not to get overwhelmed by all the information. Had a great introductory talk with my SANE coach today.  So excited to be part of this.


  • Welcome to SANE @JoannRoss! Glad you're here on this awesome journey with us 💖
  • Welcome aboard @JoAnnRoss.  I joined Aug. 22, 2018.
  • Welcome to SANE, @JoAnnRoss!  I'm so happy to hear that you're getting into the step by step program, and have had a great talk with your coach - it's completely understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed, it's a lot to take in, and a lot of it can fly in the face of what the dieting/weight loss industry has had us believe.

    You're in this for life, and we're here with you for it <3
  • Welcome @JoAnnRoss to this wonderful SANE Family. It’s a great community 
  • Welcome welcome! :) Glad to have you @JoAnnRoss
  • Thank you, @Kita_SANECoach.  It is great to be here.
  • @JoAnnRoss Welcome to our SANE Family  :)
  • My poor cat is sick because she is overweight. I feel really bad for her. She has a UTI and infected anal glands despite my best attempts to help her clean herself.  The good news is that the vet has approved the healthy cat food we have her on and is going to call back tomorrow with adjusted amounts. So  kitty is going to be on a reduced calorie diet until she loses a few pounds.

    I wish there was a SANE plan available for her.
    The last time we put her on a diet she was depressed.

  • Pretty kitty @JoAnnRoss as we all know dieting is hard, I wish her the best and hope she gets used to her new regiment easily! I love cats!
  • JoAnnRoss
    edited March 2021
    Thanks @Sandra JSweeney . I too hope she will adjust well to her new diet. My husband is going to measure out her cat food and then give her many small meals throughout the day as she likes to eat that way, rather than just in the morning and then again at night. :)
  • Welcome to our SANE family @JoAnnRoss! Sorry to hear about your cat :disappointed:...
  • So I've been transitioning to a SANE way of eating over the past 2 weeks. The Step-by-Step videos are very helpful -- it is hard to me to get my head around this not being another diet since I have been yo-yo dieting since I was 14 years old (that's roughly 54 years). I keep thinking that I should be "suffering" if I am going to lose weight -- it is amazing to me how ingrained that message is in my mind. Talk about being programmed to think in a certain way. Once I hit menopause, it was pretty much impossible to prevent further weight gain using my usual methods, so I just threw in the towel as far as dieting went -- it was just too discouraging. So I like how the videos keep repeating what SANE eating means -- I need that repetition to reprogram my brain I think. LOL

  • @JoAnnRoss Oh yes! We do need lots of repetitions after we have been hearing the same messages over and over again. I know some members complain that the videos are very repetitive, but I keep saying that if you heard "eat less, burn more" for decades, you will need to eat "eat more exercise less" many times to replace your old way of thinking.
  • Hi @JoAnnRoss, I totally agree with you about repetition in the step by step program. It is what we need after all the yo yo dieting. I’ve been with SANE for six months and I love not feeling hungry while losing inches and weight! I’m so glad you are here with us
  • Hey @JoAnnRoss how’s your cat doing?
  • Thanks for asking about my cat @Sandra JSweeney. Honey had her follow-up vet appointment today and got another shot of antibiotics. She is doing well on her new diet -- the vet is hoping for a 5 lb. weight-loss over time. He is taking it slow, so she is not aware that she is getting less food overall. She even gets to have a couple of treats a day, so that is nice for her. Sometimes she complains a little and then I give her some catnip. LOL She loves catnip, eats it right up, and goes to sleep. So, even though it is early days yet, she is quite content. :)

  • @JoAnnRoss I’m so glad to hear that Honey is doing well and also hoping she doesn’t realize she’s getting a reduced diet, sure glad she gets treats at least a couple a day is better than none. 
  • Wow, I am really struggling with upping my raw non-starchy vegetable intake. I do okay with cooked vegetables, but would like to up my salad intake. I am going to buy some digestive enzymes tomorrow and see if that helps with the digestion issues. I don't have a gallbladder (removed in 2012) and I am wondering if the resulting lower bile production is causing issues. Sure hope the digestive enzymes work.

  • Hi @JoAnnRoss I really hope this works for you also. Hope your weekend goes well! Have a good one
  • Well, this was an insane weekend, so didn't eat much that was SANE. Been sick for the last few days, but slowly getting better. Eating what I can keep down. Hope to get back to eating SANE soon. In the meantime, trying to be kind to myself and silence all inner talk about falling off the "diet". Not a diet, and I will eat well when I am feeling better.

  • @JoAnnRoss sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well over the weekend but getting better. I’m so glad you are being kind to yourself. Wishing you well!
  • Thank you for your kind words @Sandra JSweeney . Still under the weather, but got lots of rest today, so hopeful for tomorrow.

  • @JoAnnRoss Digestive enzymes can definitely help (I still have my gallbladder, but it helps with my digestion). I have heard multiple times that those without a gallbladder do benefit from digestive enzymes. It will especially help digest whole-food fats and making sure all the goodness from them is being absorbed :smile:.

    As always, SANE coaches are not doctors, so check with your licensed physician to make sure it is appropriate for you.
  • So excited to see the Blood Root growing in our garden. It is a native Ontario plant, and this is the first year it has flowered so early. :)

  • @JoAnnRoss beautiful picture, don’t you just love spring!!
  • Listening to old hymns on Youtube this morning for encouragement. Ontario is in full lockdown again due to Covid. Hoping that my sister's dental surgery today goes well. Minding her dog while she is at the dental clinic. Kitty is ignoring "the dog" in the house. LOL Planning to share a SANE lunch with the dog -- he loves cottage cheese. It is a beautiful sunny day, if a little on the cold side. Folding a bunch of laundry, and then maybe the dog and I will go outside and throw/chase a ball. He is patient little soul.
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