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Starting my journal today. Looking forward to the SANE journey ... progress not perfection.


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    Welcome  to the SANE Family @LouiseStrong
  • Welcome to this fabulous program and Community, it’s so great to have you on board!
  • Welcome aboard @LouiseStrong.  I joined Aug. 22, 2018.
  • Hi @LouiseStrong :) Glad you're here on this awesome SANE journey with us!
  • Hi @LouiseStrong , great to have you on the SANE journey with us.
  •  Hi, @LouiseStrong Welcome to our SANE family  :)
  • Welcome to our SANE family @LouiseStrong!
  • I am grateful for:
    - learning every day
    - the four agreements
    - forgiveness

  • I am grateful . . .
    - for sleeping in on Sunday morning
    - that the daylight hours are growing longer
    - that I have the courage to trust the SANE community with my journal
  • I am grateful . . .
    - for my awesome team at work
    - opportunities
    - the hugs I get from my family
  • I am grateful for . . . 
    - the SANE journey
    - my husband's exceptional parenting skills
    - the beautiful walks I took yesterday in the sunshine

  • I am grateful for ...
    - a good week at work
    - the relaxing evening I had last night while it quietly rained outside
    - that I finally adjusted to daylight savings time and woke up on time this morning
  • I am grateful for . . .
    - hearing the birds in my back yard for the first time in 2022, spring is coming
    - the smile on my youngest son's face when he came home for spring break, no school for a week
    - the hug my oldest son gave me first thing this morning
  • I am grateful . . .
    - I got up early enough to go to the gym this morning before work
    - restorative weekends
    - the long walk I took in the sunshine yesterday
  • I am grateful . . .
    - good nights sleep last night
    - my shoulder has felt better the last couple of days
    - the peace and tranquility first thing in the morning when it's still dark outside and no one else in the house is up yet
  • I am grateful . . .
    - for new opportunities at my job
    - for a new day
    - that SANE means progress not perfection
  • I am grateful . . .
    - for the SANE community
    - coaches and mentors
    - small pleasures like the new tshirts I just bought for spring
  • I am grateful . . .
    - for the quiet evening last night
    - that the weekend is here
    - the journey
  • I am grateful
    - there are so many recipes on the internet that fit into SANE lifestyle
    - that I got all my weekly errands done yesterday and can relax today
    - for the joy it brought my husband & son to win their hockey game last night
  • I am grateful . . .
    - for the beautiful walk in the sunshine that I took yesterday
    - the lovely hug and thank-you my son gave when because I cleaned his shoes like he asked
    - that I figured out a way to enjoy salad everyday
  • I am grateful . . .
    - for the lovely conversation I had with my sister over the phone while I was taking a walk
    - that my eldest son finished his lab last night and is genuinely enjoying his college courses
    - the look of satisfaction on my husband's face after he put his new office furniture together
  • I'm grateful for . . .
    - the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I love that show
    - the nap I was able to take yesterday afternoon, a rare treat
    - the opportunity I was presented at work yesterday, I look forward to the challenge
  • I'm grateful for . . .
    - the good nights sleep I had last night
    - the positive, can-do outlook I have in the morning when I'm well rested
    - how delishious tilapia tastes when cooked in my new cast iron pan with a little avacado oil
  • Hi @LouiseStrong I’m very happy for your new opportunity at work. Challenge keeps life interesting. That’s what we all face everyday while we walk this path together and give each other the support needed to make it easier! Love your positive outlook!
    Have a great weekend 
  • @Sandra JSweeney Thank you :)

    I am grateful for . . .
    - progress not perfection ... it keeps me motivated
    - SANE tracking ... it is not tedious like calorie counting but does help me detect eating patterns that work best for me vs. those that lead to insane eating e.g. missing lunch leads to insane eating at dinner
    - my morning green smoothy . . . I found one that I like and is easy to make. It is satisfying, quick and sets me up for a good day of SANE eating
  • I am grateful for . . .
    - a productive day yesterday, all the groceries and some SANE food preparation for the week completed
    - the extra long and sound sleep I had last night, maybe because of the strength training I did yesterday
    - re-connection with a friend I worked with years ago
    - the should massage I got yesterday, it's been aching for weeks now and feels so much better today
  • I am grateful for . . .
    - my new cast iron pans. A co-worker from Tennessee was explaining their merits and he was absolutely right. The fish I made last night was delicious and required almost no oil at all.
    - the thumbs up I got from my doctor at my annual check-up yesterday. I am grateful for my health everyday and no longer take it for granted like I did when I was younger
    - my new dishwasher finally arrived yesterday -- we've been washing dishes by hand for months waiting for it to arrive (the old one broke)
  • Hi @LouiseStrong . I love my cast iron pans too. I have some that I inherited from my grandmother that are still going strong. My favourite one (from my grandmother) is a small square pan with an area to fry bacon and two squares for frying eggs -- it makes a really great breakfast. :)
  • @JoAnnRoss Haven't tried bacon and eggs yet ... you're making me hungry for them though :)
  • I am grateful for . . .
    - the great project manager who is managing one of my projects at work, makes my work life so much better
    - the special time in the morning when the whole family is together even though it's only for a few minutes
    - that SANE eating feels more natural everyday
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