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This was a bad week. I was super stressed due to a work deadline. I worked through my breaks and late, so I didn't get my walk in. I also didn't eat the way I wanted. I didn't get my veggies in. I didn't eat horribly, but I didn't eat as healthy as I could have. I didn't have an excuse, because I had the salad fixings.I was grateful I didn't turn to junk which is what I would have done in the past. To stay sane I need to take the breaks as time for myself ,so I can be more effective at my job and not burn out. This is easier said than done. Has anyone mastered work life balance?


  • This is Stephanie Rumsey and my first time here in the SANE program.
  • Welcome to our SANE family @StephanieRumsey!
  • Welcome aboard @StephanieRumsey.  I joined Aug. 22, 2018.
  • Welcome @StephanieRumsey to our SANE Family and this awesome Community. It’s so nice to have you on board!
  • Nice to meet you @stephanieRumsey Welcome to SANE community and enjoy your personal journey to saner eating.
  • Hi @StephanieRumsey and welcome to the SANE journey. I joined in February 2021.
  • Hi @StephanieRumsey. Glad you're here on this awesome journey with us. Welcome to SANE.
  • I am just in the beginning phase of the program and am slowly getting into a rhythm. When I eat enough veggies, I  am definitely too full for anything else. It is hard to explain, but I also feel better. I do need to spread out my veggies throughout the day better. Last year for exercise during breaks from work I would go outside and walk around the house adding a round or two each time I walked. This time I am going out in the neighborhood and trying to master our horrible hill. A lot more challenging than around the house. My goal is to get up it without huffing. I am really enjoying this program. 

  • @StephanieRumsey  Sounds like you are doing so great! Welcome to this fantastic program and Community. Hills get easier as you go. You’ve got this! 
  • Great beginning @StephanieRumsey ! Keep on keeping on. :)
  • @StephanieRumsey Welcome Stephanie! Totally agree with your comments regarding the vegetables. I'm finding if I focus on eating the vegetables the rest follows ... I get much better results than when I focus on what not to eat.
  • StephanieRumsey said:
    When I eat enough veggies, I  am definitely too full for anything else. It is hard to explain, but I also feel better. 
    I know! It sounds too good to be true when you first hear Jonathan Bailor say this, and then when you experience it, you believe it. I definitely crave inSANE foods when I do not eat enough SANE foods. After following the program for a while, you will be able to determine whether or not you didn't get enough veggies, protein, or whole-food fats which will help you adjust the following meals. It is pretty cool, and that's another reason why this program is sustainable.
  • Welcome to the SANE family @StephanieRumsey! You are off to a great start and I am glad you are enjoying the program! Ditto to everything said by @Debora_SANECoach 😊
  • @StephanieRumsey I’ve been retired for 12 years, but sometimes I’m with my grandchildren (babysitting) for over 12 hours in a day and I’m tired at the end. So when I finally get home it’s hard to not eat due to exhaustion. I also don’t eat junk, just too much  of what I should be eating. 
    Sometimes it’s hard to take time for yourself. All we can do is work those breaks in the best we can and know that they will refresh us to keep doing the best we can at whatever job we are doing!
    Progress not perfection 🤗
  • @StephanieRumsey give yourself credit for what you managed to do even under great stress, and don't beat yourself up about the rest of it. Life happens. I figure that is why progress not perfection works, and you certainly made progress despite all the stress. :)
  • @StephanieRumsey I feel your pain, sounds like many of my weeks . . . I too have not mastered work-life balance but am working on it:) The things that help me most are (1) to remember progress not perfection (2) to focus on what to eat rather than what not to eat i.e. I tell myself "eat your 3 servings of vegetables first and then if you still want that insane thing you can have it". (3) making salads and prepping vegetables ahead so they're ready-to-eat (4) time-boxing my work day i.e. I will start my workday early tomorrow if I have to but I won't work past 5pm . . . I find I have better perspective in the morning than at the end of the day. 
  • JoAnnRoss said:
    @StephanieRumsey give yourself credit for what you managed to do even under great stress, and don't beat yourself up about the rest of it. Life happens. I figure that is why progress not perfection works, and you certainly made progress despite all the stress. :)
    @JoAnnRoss! Great advice from everyone. You did a wonderful job in the midst of a whirlwind of a week. Celebrate the win of not chosing inSANE foods. That is a big deal! Kudos to you! @StephanieRumsey just as @LouiseStrong said, finding a day when you can meal prep salads or SANE snacks ahead of the week really helps with work life balance. 

    While I haven't mastered work life balance, for my particular situations in life, I have learned to say no when I can. It is not easy but when I can say no I most certainly will especially when it comes to my family and my physical, mental and emotional  health. Do the best you can in this one life we have. Keep progress over perfection in mind.

  • @StephanieRumsey You did great! I can understand that managing work and SANE can be a little tough sometimes. I agree that you want to take breaks for yourself, so you won't burn out.

    I went through this myself. I had great results with SANE, and then I got super busy. I did not take breaks to eat, and I would wait too long before finally eating something. I would overwork, and under eat. I ended up gaining 20 lbs. because of burn out, and under eating. Who said eating less would make you lose weight??

    Now, I do not start the day without eating breakfast. I stop to eat lunch and dinner because I know if I wait too long, my blood sugar is going to get too low and I won't feel good. I pack a smoothie with me if I see that I won't have time to take a longer break to eat a proper meal. 

    Eating healthy is a form of self-care, and by fueling your body with proper nutrition, you will be more productive at work. Because we don't get much done when we are HANGRY!  :D
  • @StephanieRumsey By the way, remember that you can click on your name at the top right to access your journal, and add a new entry to your existing journal instead of creating a new one every time. That way you can keep everything together.
  • Well, I have started putting in one break at first this week. After lunch, I go for a mile walk. It is my hill that I am still trying to concur. I wanted it to turn into an escalator today, but I didn't let it win. I made it up that hill. It has only been two days back giving myself permission to have a break. But it is a start. When I am ready, I will add in another break to add in more movement. Thank you all for sharing and the advice. It means a lot. 
  • I am not really good at journals written or electronic. I don't always know what to say or am a little shy at sharing. I do want to say wow that is some workout. I started last week on doing smarter exercise with an elliptical. Not only is the last 12 seconds of each set hard, but all of the 6th set is hard. You definitely know you worked lets put it that way. A good sore! I hope everyone is well and had a good 4th? May all your days be bright!
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