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Hello SANE Family!  My goodness it has been such a long time since I have posted in here - I am looking forward to reconnecting with the ones of you that I already know, and I'm also looking forward to meeting those of you that I haven't yet!

A little (re)introduction - I've been with SANE for a number of years, though in the last year or so, I've silently, quietly, dropped off the radar.  It was so subtle that I didn't even see it happening.

I started a new job in early August of last year, after the company I was with bought and merged merged us into an existing business - I won't go into how it went down, but lets just say, I had concerns about how the business was being run and was looking to where my boss had moved onto to see if a position would open up there.  It did, and a year later, I'm still working for them.  I've been awarded multiple 'most valuable employee' awards since I've started, to the point that at the last monthly meeting, I was awarded joint employee of the year with another colleague.

That, however, has come at a cost - which I didn't realise.

The last week and a bit, I have been away from my normal duties, on a training course for a new type of software that I will need to know how to support.  Before the course started, I handed over all of the support tickets that had been assigned to me, and wrote up a document which I gave to my line manager with full detail on the status of everything I was working on - not just what had been assigned to me, but other things I had picked up for other colleagues as well.  For the last week, I closed off everything related to my regular job and focused on the training.  I could have been 'checking in' while on the course, however, I have observed that when my colleagues go on training, they don't do that.  They don't hand over anything to anyone else or leave a list of what needs to be done, so, I took a leaf out of their book.

The training course was not on regular New Zealand hours (I'm in New Zealand btw) so I would be on the training from 1:30pm - 9pm my time.  I wasn't mad about it - it gave me the morning to start slowly into the day and then get into the training.

I'm also a group fitness instructor, and while I had to get cover for my evening classes, I was still able to teach my morning ones - and members started to say things along the lines of "Oh it's so nice to see you happy again".  I was STUNNED.  I even had a dentist appointment during the week (in the morning, well beore course start) and my dentist commented that I had a spring in my step.

It's been a big wake up call.  I've been working myself to the bone, and by letting the training course set boundaries, I've been able to work 'only' an 8 hour day, and I've had more space mentally to do things that I didn't realise had let slip.  It'll sound a bit gross, but I'm going to lay it all out and be vulnerable here - there were days I wouldn't shower, unless I was teaching my classes.  A lot of days I wouldn't even change out of my pyjamas, throwing myself into work - it would feel like I barely had time to make my bed or brush my teeth, and I didn't understand how my colleagues weren't working as hard as I was.

I've also had the time to prepare delicious, veggie laden meals - not saying that they're 100% SANE (the steak and veggies I am preparing right now has a small potato with it), but it's significantly more SANE than when I started this new job - which included an almost 3 month long lockdown during the Delta outbreak.

I've blitzed through a lot of things that I have been putting off this last week, throwing out old diet pills and powders which I still had been clinging onto, as well as other general decluttering.  I feel lighter in spirit.

It is with this that I re-enter the SANE Community.  I have missed you all and I'm looking forward to being back in here more often.

(To any coaches reading, Hi!  I'd be keen to catch up with someone at some point on what I've missed in the last year)


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