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  • New leggings!? Are they as cool as the recent ones you posted pic of? If yes, pics please!
    What is this podcast about? I am prepping for a couple day roadtrip soon, so I need to gather podcasts!
  • Raina_SANECoach
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    @Wednesday_SANECoach What can I say, I love leggings, haha!

    They're not #fabulousleggings , they're ones that masquerade as business pants which are perfect, I feel quite fancy wearing them :smiley:  I'll put up a photo soon - it's got these leather like panels on the side of them which are very on-trend.

    I was wearing different fabulous leggings this weekend just gone though!

    This podcast is a comedy one, what happens is that the 'Judge' hears 'cases' from people and makes a ruling. An episode that I listened to recently that I loved was where a woman brought a case against her husband for dog-earing books and removing the jackets from them, not just ones they owned, but ones that they borrowed from the public library.  There have been other ones where room mates have hidden food from each other and the case is brought for them to stop hiding food (when really, the whole reason why the food was being hidden was because said roomie was eating everyone elses' food).  Basically it's a fun podcast to settle small arguments in a mock court setting, I really enjoy listening to it.

    What sort of podcasts do you like to listen to?  I listen to heaps!
  • @RainaSingh love the pants!
    i will check out that podcast, it sounds hilarious!
    I love love love "a way with words" a podcast about words and the way we use them, and "latest in Paleo" a podcast about health mostly from an ancestral viewpoint.
    For fiction I am loving, "welcome to night vale" a lot in part because it is set in a desert very much like where I live now.
    We are moving within the month, and I will be driving over 30 hours by myself, so I NEED podcasts!  I am sadly caught up on way with words and latest in Paleo, and nightvale tends to put me to sleep when driving through the desert..... So the more the merrier!
  • @Wednesday_SANECoach : I'm a podcast fiend - I LOVE Welcome to Night Vale, but yes, generally I keep it to particular times of the day (it's great for listening when I'm winding down for the day).

    Here are the ones that I'm listening, or re-listening to to right now:

    Ficticious docu-drama series that are presented like Serial, but are stories (some of these have really confused people and have looked for the places and organisations mentioned in the podcasts thinking that they're real)
    • Limetown
    • The Black Tapes
    • Tanis
    Feminist/LBGTQ/Equality/Body Image and Self Love podcasts:
    • Another Round
    • Throwing Shade
    • Bye Filpe
    • Guys We F---ed
    • Fearless Rebelle Radio (I heart Summer Innanen!)
    • Grown Ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids
    • No Such Thing as a Fish
    • The Mortified Podcast
    • The Judge John Hodgman Podcast (the one I mentioned earlier)
    • Strangers (this one is beautiful, though I get a bit misty eyed while listening to it)
    • The Moth
    • Spark London
    • Risk! (this one is very much NSFW but man it is pretty hilarious)
    • Love + Radio (again, very beautiful and have gotten very misty eyed)
    • The NoSleep Podcast (a horror podcast, though generally I'm not into horror but I really like this podcast as it's produced so well and the stories are great)

    I also listen to Health & Wellness ones like the SANE Show (though you knew that already ;) ), Balanced Bites, The Paleo View, The Primal Blueprint Podcast, and Harder To Kill Radio.

    ... yeah, I listen to just a few ;)
  • You'll have to describe the podcaste before I click them again @RainaSingh #trustisbroken ;)
  • @Rebecca_SANECoach Hey man, I grouped them with the headings, what more do you want :P
  • HA!  I forum-failed and missed this whole 3rd page!  

    However you can consider yourself redeemed :)  
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. Jon Ronson. His interview with the hosts of Guys we F---ed on his book 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed' was fascinating and compelling, I'm going to listen to it multiple times.  If you haven't seen both his and Monica Lewinsky's TED Talks on shaming, I highly recommend them. [NOTE: If profanity is something you can't deal with, the podcast link probably isn't for you.  But!  The book and the TED Talks are free of profanity]
    2. The fact that a friend gave me a packet of Hersheys Kisses for a Christmas present (yes, Christmas, really, haha).  Not because I want to eat Hersheys Kisses - I brought them into the office to share with my colleagues, because they like that sort of thing.  I'm grateful because it resulted in the attached email exchange, which will go down in history as one of my wittiest moments (and best usage of Google Image Search)
    3. That I will be able to make my own dinner tonight!  AND I will be able to bake my birthday cake tonight too!
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. The Honest Food Co for doing a whole foods raw cake (has some high fructose fruit and maple syrup but ehhhhhhh *shrug*) that we will have in the office

    2. My achilles for healing to a point where I could get on the bike this morning!

    3. My friend Rachael for being the first to wish me a happy birthday, love that girl to bits!
  • @RainaSingh is it your birthdays yet!? If yes, Happiest of days to you!!! How did the cake turn out?  And what a great treat to be well enough to get on a bike!
  • @Wednesday_SANECoach It's my birthday today, yes!  Thank you!  I'll be making the cake tonight (I want to have it just as it comes out of the oven, mmmmmmmm-mm!), so I'll let you know how it goes :smiley:

    I did 10 minutes on the bike, it felt great and it was good to see that my leg speed is still decent (I got to 120-130 rpms without too much challenge), though I'll need to ease into the standing work.  Got the heart rate up to a decent click in those 10 minutes! :smiley:
  • I am a yoga teacher by trade.  For my birthday, and for the birthdays of my closest friends, I do one full Backbend (wheel/urdhva dhanurasana) for each year of their life.  So on the SANE front, have you consumed as many veggies as you have been alive? ;) he hehehehe, just kidding! In fact (at least for my age) the backbends seem a lot more doable!

  • @Wednesday_SANECoach Ahahaha, I've heard of some people doing that with pushups and/or burpees!  Given my current state, Veggies is probably the easiest, and that would mean doubling what I'm eating currently #challengeaccepted #maybe #perhapsnot
  • @Wednesday_SANECoach @RainaSingh 

    I'd fail on both counts...... 
  • Happy Birthday :)   Enjoy your Birthday cake.
  • Raina_SANECoach
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    @Wednesday_SANECoach@LynnetteStork - I'll write my gratitude entry later, though I thought you guys would enjoy some birthday photoness :smiley:

    I went out for lunch with a friend and it was definitely  inSANE (that's salt & pepper squid there, one of my most favourite things!), and it was delightful.  It's not something that I have often, so I'm not too bothered by it.  There was a large salad that comes along with it out of frame, so I was happy.

    At our office, we get our choice of cake for our birthday, and I got a raw, paleo, vegan strawberry and mango cheesecake.  My colleagues were all so very confused by it, it was worth it for the puzzled expressions.  They sat around looking disappointed by the end of eating it, it's like they were waiting for the sugar coma to sink in.  A few of them were asking me about where I got it from and how much it was, but for me it was so entertaining.  I'm certain a lot of them were like "Okay... where's the real cake?", bahahah.  Maybe next year I'll offer to bake it myself ;)

    Final two pictures are of the feijoa apple crumble cake that I made - made with sunflour, egg whites, xylitol, baking powder, coconut oil, butter, and vanilla.  Filling was made of granny smith apples, feijoas, lemon, cinnamon and vanilla.  (feijoa is like a type of guava).

    Oh and what is also not pictured is a glass of wine I had with my parents :)  My mother made me a beautiful SANE dinner of oven baked salmon with three(!) different types of salads!  We are going out for a restaurant birthday dinner this weekend which will be nice, though for a weeknight this was perfect.

    It's interesting seeing how what I felt like eating this birthday has changed to with eating SANEly.  In the past it would have been I WOULD LIKE IT DEEP FRIED AND SMOTHERED IN CHOCOLATE.  But this time, it was interesting to see I just wanted some variety of high fructose fruits (mango, apple, feijoa).

    I have a slightly sore tummy today and I think that could be down to either 1) the seed oils the squid was fried in, 2) the grains in the coating of the squid, or 3) the wine.  I'm sure it'll settle :)
  • @RainaSingh  I'm sitting here drooling from all your descriptions and pics.  Salt and pepper I miss having access to better quality of restaurants.  We used to go out for chinese every couple weeks when we lived on the coast and they served salt & pepper squid in the was amazing, up north here, for chinese if it isn't battered or over sauced it never shows up on the menu, lol.  Your cake looks so delicious...was it frozen style or a gelatin style? Not that it matters... I'd eat it anyways :)
    Kudos for keeping your birthday so SANE.  It shows how much your taste buds have changed.  Now if you could figure out how to hide some spinach in a birthday cake, we'd have it made :)
  • Now if you could figure out how to hide some spinach in a birthday cake, we'd have it made :)
    @LynnetteStork *ACTUALLY* I was looking at the mint chip raw cheesecake which had spinach blended into the filling to get the green colour, ahahah!  Though I do know that there are loads of recipes out there for chocolate zucchinni cake so hey!  Maybe next year that'll be a thing. :)

    The cheesecake was a frozen style - the top layer was strawberry and the middle layer was mango, mango layer was fab though the strawberry one was a little too frozen.  I guess that's what happens when different bits of it defrost at different rates.

    I'll have to see if at some stage I can make a SANEish salt & pepper squid!
  • @RainaSingh  The mint chip would be amazing.  I make a raw chocolate swirl cheesecake bites, I'm betting I can easily turn it into a mint chip...and hide the spinach in it too, lol.  The wheels are a turning :)

    I tried cooking squid at home once years ago and it turned out so tough (rubbery, it probably could have bounced)  that I never made it again.  But if you could come up with a good SANE recipe, I'd try it again.
  • @LynnetteStork I have made squid at home a few times (from frozen squid tubes too), it cooked beautifully and was gorgeous and tender, though I used tapioca starch and water chestnut flour as the coating.  I'm pretty confident that I can come up with something.  I'll let you know how it goes for sure!

    Those raw chocolate cheesecake bites sound amazing! :smiley:  Turning them into mint chip sounds like a great way to sneaky sneak some spinach in there, if you sold those I'd buy them!
  • Raina_SANECoach
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    Today I am grateful for:
    1. Chelsea Winter's Flourless Chocolate Torte Recipe - this was my backup cake in case the feijoa crumble cake didn't work and it was so easy to make!
    2. Eat Drink Paleo's Raspberry Coconut Cake Recipe - this was what I adapted to make the feijoa crumble cake
    3. The new office toy! Photos attached.  Now I can make 100% SANE Coffee while at work (coconut cream in a long black yaaaaas!!)
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. The beautiful time I had with my mother last night giving her some guidance on sketching.  It was simply wonderful to sit by her and watch her feel so proud of how with a few little tweaks she was able to transform her drawing.
    2. The gorgeous pattern that the clouds formed in the dark sky surrounding the moon this morning - it was like a patchy goose down blanket above me.
    3. Our SANE coaching call later today!
  • @RainaSingh for some reason your profile pic isn't showing up beside your posts ....weird
  • @LynnetteStork How odd?  On my end it's appearing!
  • LynnetteStork
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    @RainaSingh  Just checked,  it's fine on my computer, but on the my tablet it shows as a blank space, everyone else's image shows up, just yours is showing as I said...weird...maybe I need to reset my tablet...or kick it or something, lol
  • @LynnetteStork My photo is just too fabulous for your tablet, it can't deal.
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. Clean, fluffy sleep socks
    2. A new pair of fabulous leggings ( @Wednesday_SANECoach - I'll upload a photo shortly!)
    3. The awesome Skype call I just had regarding an amazing opportunity
  • That's my name, don't wear it out!

  • That is just way too cool! You've definitely earned it :)
  • @Wednesday_SANECoach Fabulous leggings are fabulous #fabulousleggings
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