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  • @Wednesday_SANECoach , this is our spirit animal.

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    @RainaSingh  are you ever zipping along. 9 more points and you'll have passed @JonathanBailor.  The poor guy goes away on an anniversary trip and loses his spot at the top of the board, lol
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    @LynnetteStork Tis part of my grand master plan, mwahahaha.

     But really it's more because I think I have less of a life, haha!
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. My friend's cookbook Ditch The Wheat and the roasted cabbage recipe in it; I never thought I would eat cabbage in such large quantities and find it so delicious!
    2. Having a fridge full a wide range of delicious vegetables
    3. Knowing where all the toilets are close by (yes, really!).  A couple drove by the gym as I was heading to my car and asked me if I knew where the public bathrooms were, and rather than trying to describe the route to them I decided to let them into the gym - they had driven from another city and were rather... desperate. *ahem*
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. My cycling shorts, boy have I missed wearing them
    2. The coffee catchup that I will be having with a dear friend later today
    3. This gratitude journal!  I'm part of an Achilles Tendon Rupture Group and it is heart breaking seeing a lot of people who have ruptured and re-ruptured struggle with it both physically and mentally/emotionally; initially this journal was offline before I brought it onto the support group, though I know without it, I too would have struggled.  I know that I am in a much better place in my own self because of my gratitude journal :)
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. The bounty of pickled vegetables that are now in my fridge - cucumber, carrots, zuchinni, radishes and onions
    2. That I was able to do 52 minutes on the bike yesterday, just under an hour.  My leg is getting stronger and my fitness is slowly returning.
    3. The walk I took in the park yesterday.  Every year I have driven past this park in Autumn, when the trees are beautifully coloured in their gold, orange, and red hues.  I've told myself year upon year 'one day I will pull over and take some photos'.  I am thankful that I finally did that - photos are attached.
  • @RainaSingh so pretty! How cold does it get over the winter?
  • Raina_SANECoach
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    @Wednesday_SANECoach Not so cold where I live, we don't get snow or anything as I'm in the North Island.  It gets colder in the South Island though, about 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit where I am, I think? (9-15 degrees Celsius).
  • I was gonna edit your post and fix your link...

  • @Rebecca_SANECoach   I was about to insert an image in retort to that, but decided not to.  However, feel free to click through at your own peril. Mwahaha.

    Today I am grateful for:
    1. The Asian Grocer across the road from my office - I discovered that they have a massive supply of freshly picked green beans which I can steam in the microwave and munch while at my desk, AND they sell pork skins with only two ingredients: pork skin, and salt!
    2. Despite being tired, getting into the gym and spending some time on the bike and doing my eccentrics.  Yesterday I could only do 1 round of climbing work on the bike with some breaks, but today I was able to do it without breaks.  Getting there, day by day
    3. The Judge John Hodgman Podcast - I know I've mentioned it before, but I am still grateful for the episodes and the hilarity contained therein.
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. Waking up to a fridge full of prepped veggies.  A veggie laden breakfast was super easy and stress free.
    2. Early morning fog.  It really feels quite ethereal and magical :)
    3. Headphones
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. The new travel lids that I have bought for my Nutribullet cups - now I can drink smoothies at work and in my car!
    2. Hot and spicy korean broth
    3. A new podcast that I found: The Love, Food Podcast.  Episode 10 about a 'guilty clean eater' has made me so thankful for adopting a SANE mindset.
  • @RainaSingh I love my nutribullet.  Did you find different lids to use with them?  I always found the ones that came in the package leaked so I didn't like bringing my shakes with me.
  • @LynnetteStork I had to buy them separately, but you're absolutely right, the ones that came in the package leak something chronic!  I only use it at work and it feels rather perilous having the cups on my desk without the lids, but then if I want to sip on it constantly it means taking the lids on and off which is annoying.

    This is a New Zealand site, though this is what I got -->
  • Today I am grateful for:
    1. The sensation of water running down my skin.  I took a moment while having my post workout shower to appreciate the ability to experience it.
    2. The comforting aroma of a cup of coffee
    3. Everyone who has responded to the 'What was one thing you that you though you would never eat that you now love' thread, such utterly fabulous responses in there!
  • Missed a few days!  But, I loved each one of those days so I figured, why not do an omnibus :)

    On Saturday I was grateful for:
    1. Running water
    2. Quality time with friends
    3. The beautiful members from my class (one that I'm not even teaching right now!) who brought me flowers ( @Wednesday_SANECoach will appreciate how overwhelming and heart warming that is!)

    On Sunday I was grateful for:
    1. Bluetooth on my phone - a friend was teaching a class at my gym and she was unfamiliar with the sound system, they have removed cabling in favour of teaching using Bluetooth and she couldn't plug in her faithful iPod classic.  Thankfully I had some music on my phone and was able to help!
    2. Kale and Ricotta Fritters
    3. My mother, for always being there <3

    Today I am grateful for:
    1. Hot Chocolate
    2. The Guilty Feminist Podcast
    3. The fact that I get to work alongside @Rebecca_SANECoach , @Lori_SANECoach and @Wednesday_SANECoach - such an honour to work with such amazing people <3<3 **GROUP HUGS*
  • Awwww big hugs!
  • Nawww thanks Raina!  You're so sweet!  And you inspire me too! so much so that I'll share a grateful....

    Today I am grateful for @RainaSingh sharing the kale and ricotta fritters recipe 


  • @Rebecca_SANECoach Haha! Actually though, I'm going to try and further SANEify that tonight, so I'll share the SANEst version of it :smiley:
  • @RainaSingh I absolutely LOVE the "What about second breakfast" bit!! You are a riot!! :):)
  • Today i am grateful for:
    1. The physio session that I'm about to head out for
    2. The kitty who was in the office carpark yesterday evening who snuggled up to my legs.  I could feel him purring :)
    3. The freedom to say 'No'.
  • @TeresaLowery 'What about second breakfast' <-- I swear it's my motto!  :D
  • @RainaSingh It is definitely the motto at my office! I work with a six foot tall Irish woman who is very fit and eats loads of veggies, protein, fruits, and spinach smoothies, but who starts talking about lunch at 8;30 AM!! We are all ravenous by 9:00!! Soooooo, our fridge is jam packed with olives, pickles, hard boiled eggs, carrots, celery, bell peppers, yogurt dip in 12 different flavors, salsa, you name it!!  I tease her that she is making us all grow hairy feet!!:)
  • Raina_SANECoach
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    Today I am grateful for:
    1. Having the opportunity to put together a glorious SANE breakfast loaded with veggies!  Have attached a picture
    2. VPNs and Remote Desktop
    3. Google Docs

  • @RainaSingh Looks nummy, what's the pink veggie beside cucumber?
  • @RainaSingh I never thought of pickling raddishes. Thanks for sharing. I now have a new food to add to my need to try list :)
  • @LynnetteStork They were fab!  I made a bunch of pickled vegetables a couple of weeks ago, carrots, cucumbers (the ones in the picture are pickled too), radishes, zucchini, beetroot and red onion rings.  They are truly excellent!  B)
  • @RainaSingh  Don't suppose you could post your recipe? It'll save me trying to find one that works :)
  • @LynnetteStork Sure can do!  I'll post it a bit later on - it's on my home computer and I'm at work right now :) 
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