InSANE in the Membrane - Raina's Gratitude Journal



  • Today I am grateful for:
    • The rays of sunshine streaming in through my windows, casting patterns on the floor

    • The classes that I will teach today - one this morning already taught, and two more this evening

    • That I've found a way to do regular balance and plank training - my subscription to KaisaFit includes some 5 minutes 'skill building', and so when I'm in meetings (I work from home), I put one of those videos on, on mute and captions on, while I'm in the meeting.  If I have to concentrate on what's being said in the meeting, I'll pause the video, but for the most part, I can integrate these two things nicely and get even more value out of my time!
  • Today I am grateful for:
    • Being up early, having a leisurely start to the day.  Listening to podcasts, doing laundry, and doing my KaisaFit Balance and Plank drills.  If I weren't on call, I would've gone to the gym and done my own workout - I'll do that next week when I'm no longer on call.

    • The audiobook that I'm currently listening to.

    • Standing at my kitchen bench and seeing the beautiful evening sky - the way the oranges, purples and blues all blend into each other, and the darkened silhouettes of the trees and neighbours houses. I'm so grateful that I'm out of the funk that I was in just a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have been in the headspace to see, pause and appreciate such beauty.
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